I’m certain beyond doubt that some who read this post may be surrounded by circumstances you wish could be left behind. Relationships, Finances, Health. Whatever. Any or all of these, and more, have become almost more than you can bear. You’re looking forward to the time when you can look back.

I’ve been there, and my family. Nothing seemed to go right, disappointment led to disillusionment and that turned to despair. If that’s you today,  don’t lose heart. God is faithful. He is worthy of your trust.

About 30 years ago, when the faint light of hope started to brighten our future, I wrote Looking Forward to Looking Back, and share it now in hopes that it will be an encouragement to you. Looking back I can see that He was always there, and that his plan always held a hope and a future.

Looking Forward to Looking Back

It’s time to write.
Write about hospitals and hopelessness.
Of pride, arrogance, and judgment.
About pain. And how it changes things forever.
About humiliation. And standing in its harsh glare.
Of prayers that fall unanswered.
And some never offered.
Is Anyone listening? Is Anyone there?

The panic of helplessness.
The fear of being discovered.
Roller coaster emotions.
The absence of feeling.
A hardened spirit.
Lord, soften him.
Financial freefall.
Losing a job.
A house
And almost a marriage.
Of surgery failed. I had to try.
Of healing services that didn’t. And wondering, why?

Yes, it’s time to write.
Write about God’s faithfulness.
His kindness.
Daily mercies.
About His power not just to change, but make new.
Of His promise to complete what He starts.
Even when we don’t see His hand.
He is there.

And write about friends.
Who were there also.
Demonstrating that they know Him.
By their love.

Our story.
Its telling is not easy.
Because it was not easy.
But it is told with great joy.
Because it brought great joy.
Lord, bless its telling.