Born in 1946, married in 1970, retired in 2022. Father of two adult sons and grandfather of five.

This site is a place for reflection where thoughts are shaped by faith. In more than 51 years of marriage and 55 years of work in ministry and the private sector, lessons have been learned, too often painful ones. But I believe life’s journeys are meant to be shared, and this is my place for public Reflection. You can also learn about A Steward’s Journey; my prayer is that you will make that Journey a priority and learn the interconnecting relationships between money, our consumer-oriented culture, and living a life of contentment. Here I will share reflections about the God whose constant faithfulness made my journey an extraordinarily blessed one. And here you will find portions of my story expressed in Life Poems like the one below. Thank you for stopping by. May God bless these Reflections and your Journey.

A Leader

A Leader shows the transformed view of leadership from a self-serving perspective to a service-focused one. It is a path I still travel every day, and one that brings great peace and satisfaction in knowing that – slowly – I am being made over into His likeness.

A leader, not a servant
Is what I sought to be
A leader, not a servant
Would be my destiny.

For stardom I was suited
More talented than most
Yet God in His great mercy
Dealt wisely with my boast.

A leader, not a servant?
Is this your muddled view?
What’s a leader, if not a servant?
Asked the One who makes hearts new.

He brought my life true models
Of what a leader is
Men and women, always serving
They were completely His.

Fame was not their portion
They did their work unknown
Yet it was filled with power
That comes only from the throne.

The Lord demands our service
If ever we would lead
For only from a servant’s heart
Can we truly touch the need.

A leader is a servant
This is the truth of grace
So honor Him, and others serve
That is our rightful place.