We’ve Seen This Before

The title on the marquee promotes the current counter-cultural phenomenon: “Gender Confusion.” But those familiar with the teaching of Scripture know that it’s not an original script. They’ve seen this movie before. Lucifer, the highest of the angels, starred in the first playing, and Isaiah records for us the key line: “I will make myself like the Most High.” It didn’t end well.

Lucifer later enticed Eve and then Adam with similar thoughts. We find the recruitment early in the book of Genesis. “You will be like God, knowing good from evil.” Man believed Lucifer’s lie and the remake ended no better than the original.

Little has changed in the thousands of years since. Today, surgeons without a moral compass are joined by self-deluded social “scientists” in declaring that they, not God, create male and female. The wise have seen this before, and know that it will end in disaster.

There is but one God, and He does not share His glory with rebellious creatures. There will come the day when the curtain will come down on the current screening, the theater will go dark, and right will be restored. He will not be mocked forever.