A nation separated from its roots will, like any plant, surely wither and die. That is the danger facing America today

Decades ago, extreme elements of American culture began infiltrating its mainstream institutions in an effort to separate America from its roots, and re-make it to their own liking. The goal was, and remains, to create a vastly different America than the one our founders envisioned, and in many different arenas today we see the evidence of their intentions and their successes.  Public schools usurp parental rights. Technology platforms restrict free exchange of ideas. Major corporations are hostile to cherished values. Media companies transitioned into leftist megaphones. Entertainment ceased entertaining in favor of indoctrinating. In the name of justice, injustice is imposed by the state. Government pierces the wall separating church and state, and public expressions of faith are threatened. Freedom of speech is under attack.

There are more examples, but this post focuses on the more strategic objectives underlying individual battles in what has become a War on History. America’s history is being systematically distorted, destroyed, and re-written. Why? Because the lack of historical context will prevent citizens from gaining an accurate understanding of the current issues they face. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and the lesson of history is that if we abandon our heritage, our future will be one of chaos and uncertainty.

Those who would re-make America understand that they must first destroy the history of our founding, and the progress we have made since. Their strategic objective is to erase past truths and replace them with current ideologies. The Father of Lies puts a high priority on distorting and abolishing the past. The God of the Bible puts a high premium on truth and remembering. Here are three examples.

Paul told the early church in Corinth, “Do this in remembrance of me.” Since then, believers have remembered what Jesus did for them when his body was broken and a new covenant was established. They understood that the taking of the bread and the cup is only meaningful because they are connected to the historical realities of a crucifixion and a resurrection.

Joshua was the leader of ancient Israel when it finally left its wandering, crossed the Jordan River, and entered the land of promise. He directed that a memorial of stones be erected so when future generations asked about its meaning, they would be told what the stones meant and would be reminded of God’s covenant and promise. The memorial of stones was built for the benefit and education of all future generations who would see the stones, and remember. America has its similar reminder in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Then consider Jeremiah, who lived centuries later in an Israel that had ceased to follow God’s covenant. But not all disbelieved. In the midst of a rebellious nation being carried into captivity, in the midst of horrific things happening all around him, Jeremiah remembered. “But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope,” he said. Because of the Lord’s great love he would not be consumed. He remembered God’s faithfulness and knew that his compassions would never fail, but be given new every morning. He remembered, and his remembering provided him the larger and more truthful context that allowed him to declare “The Lord is my portion; therefore, I will wait for him”.

We are called by God to remember, yet we are also pulled away and enticed by the Father of Lies to forget. Like ancient Israel, America shares a heritage that comes from faith in the Creator. If we ever desert this truth and cut ourselves off from our roots, we will cease to live in the freedom of his blessing and experience the tyranny of man’s oppression instead.

We must resist the systematic de-construction of the Constitution, the rejection of its values, and the cancelling of our history. We must see a larger picture and understand the strategic objectives of those who sow the seeds for America’s destruction, and then respond wisely and engage in the battles that must be won.